Portfolio Preparation in Graphic Design - Level 1


This very popular course is an introduction to practical project-based graphic design in an energetic studio environment. The content focuses on idea generation, concept development and the creation of text and image projects for communication design. Students are introduced to a range of manual techniques through short projects. Computers may be used for small components but are not the focus of this course. Students work to set briefs with teacher feedback and guidance. The course also includes discussion on courses in the study area, and an industry overview.

Course content

  • Drawing techniques
  • Idea generation and concept development
  • Image development and use of colour
  • Layout, text and type
  • Manual art techniques
  • Mounting and presentation
  • Industry overview and information

Ideal for

It is suitable for those planning on entering or re-entering study in this field, or those wanting more experience in a practical studio setting.

More information


Upon completion of this course, students will have had the opportunity to attempt a number of projects. Students would have gained skills to independently continue the design process to achieve new and individual outcomes.

Materials supplied

Other project materials are provided as well as an A3 presentation folder and mounting materials for finished projects.

Materials to bring

Students need to bring a pencil, eraser, white-out pen, fine and medium soft pointed brushes, black Fine liner-type pen, a 30-40 cm ruler, glue-stick, a pair of scissors and a fine cutting knife.


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation.

Additional notes

Participation has no influence on the selection of students into RMIT award programs. Short Course activities may include opportunity to prepare for a folio, experience of the studio environment, provide an industry and study overview, and assistance with study options.

Printable course flyer

Available course dates

Monday 02 July 2018

  • Code S320082
  • Start date 02.07.18
  • End date 05.07.18
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus Carlton
  • Fee $480.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 02.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Tue 03.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Wed 04.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Thu 05.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Monday 24 September 2018

  • Code S320082
  • Start date 24.09.18
  • End date 27.09.18
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus Carlton
  • Fee $480.00
Enrol now
Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 24.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Tue 25.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Wed 26.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Thu 27.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

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