3DS Max for Architects and Designers


3DS Max is the current, state of the art visualisation tool for architects (building and landscape) and designers of all types (interior, industrial, graphic, product, exhibition, jewellery). Learn how to create compelling, attractive photorealistic renders and animations of your building, interior, product or scene. You will explore the process involved in preparing, rendering and animating your 3D model to a high level of realism. Learn how to light, texture and render using the Mental Ray and iRay renderers inside 3ds Max.

Course content

  • Importing files from Sketchup, Revit & AutoCAD
  • Materials - applying
  • Materials - creating
  • Creating your own materials with Photoshop
  • Mapping
  • Sun lighting, interior and exterior
  • Artificial lighting
  • Cameras
  • Simulating realistic camera effects
  • Animation
  • Volume lighting
  • Mental Ray rendering
  • iRay rendering
  • Photoshop post production

Ideal for

This course focuses on architectural rendering and is also suitable for interior designers, industrial designers, graphic designers, exhibition designers, landscape architects and students seeking to acquire 3D computer visualisation skills.

Please note that the course is NOT suitable for storytellers or film makers, because it does not cover character animation, rigging, IK, Unwrap UVW, physics engines or other advanced character animation techniques.

Important Information

This course has reduced from 5 days (30 hours) to 4 days (24 hours)

The RMIT short course in Sketchup with Joseph Brabet is ideal to learn modelling before enrolling into the 3ds Max course

More information


You will be able to create presentations of high quality and realism, resulting in either still renders or moving animations. You will be able to composite other photographic elements into your render such as skies and people.


Knowledge of a 3D modelling program such as Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, ArchiCAD, Alias or Microstation in order to create a building or product that can be rendered in 3ds Max. This course depends on knowledge of 3D modelling concepts.

Materials supplied

  • Extensive course notes will be supplied in electronic PDF format.
  • You don't have to bring a 3D model (eg .SKP, .RVT, .DWG, .3DM etc) because 3D models will be supplied in class.

Materials to bring

  • USB/flash/external drive of minimum 8Gb capacity.
  • Optionally, one or more 3D models in any of the following formats: .SKP, .RVT, .DWG, .DXF, .3DM, .WIRE, .STL, .3DS, .FBX or .OBJ


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation.

Additional notes

Completion of this course will not guarantee entry into an RMIT Program.


Joseph Brabet

Joseph is a designer and educator who has taught and worked in Australia, Singapore, France (Paris), Germany (Karlsruhe) and Switzerland (Zurich). He began teaching at RMIT in 1991 and has taught in Architecture, Interior Design, Communications (Graphic) Design, Industrial Design, Mobile Application Design and Multimedia Design. He has written for magazines such as CAD User and Desktop.


  • Well scripted material and pace.  Sayaka

    Joseph is a great tutor, very knowledgeable and pleasant. John

Printable course flyer

Available course dates

Saturday 07 July 2018

  • Code S345139
  • Start date 07.07.18
  • End date 28.07.18
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $975.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Sat 07.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 14.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 21.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 28.07.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Saturday 15 September 2018

  • Code S345139
  • Start date 15.09.18
  • End date 13.10.18
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $975.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Sat 15.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 22.09.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 06.10.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 13.10.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Monday 26 November 2018

  • Code S345139
  • Start date 26.11.18
  • End date 29.11.18
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $975.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 26.11.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Tue 27.11.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Wed 28.11.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Thu 29.11.18 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

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