Fashion Drawing


This course is designed to introduce beginners to fashion drawing. For those with creative ideas, this is the opportunity to learn how to draw a model and present your fashion design ideas in the most effective way. The course covers principles of drawing fashion figures and explores the use of various colour media.

Course content

This course will cover:

  • Fashion Figure Proportions
  • Analytical Drawing Principles
  • Establishing Templates
  • Colour Mediums and Fabric Rendering

Ideal for

This course is designed for:

  • those who are seeking to develop their fashion drawing skills in order to help obtain the skills necessary to enter the world of fashion
  • those seeking to improve their fashion drawings skills to further study or job opportunities in the fashion industry

More information


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to communicate their design ideas to a wide range of people, including colleagues and customers.

Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

These are the materials required:
• Click pencil
• 2B pencil
• Rubber
• Black fineliner 0.4
• Copic Ciao Dual Nib Marker (barley beige or darker)
• Paper (A4 or A3)
Feel free to bring any colouring materials you'd like to use.


Participants will be emailed an RMIT Certificate of Participation after completion.

Additional notes

What is the difference between our Fashion Drawing and Fashion Illustration short courses?
Our Fashion Drawing course is for students who want to learn how to draw a figure and how to draw clothes on that figure in order to be able to communicate their design ideas. This is a key aspect of the design process and if you are planning to go on to study fashion you'll be doing lots of this type of figure drawing. This course is suitable for the complete beginner.
Our Fashion Illustration course (link below) is a more conceptual course where students learn how to use different rendering techniques to create the impression of a design in a more artistic style or like that would appear in a fashion magazine or in fashion media. This course would be good for someone who had some experience of drawing/painting and wanted to further develop their own illustrative style.


Tracy Hogan

Working for 40 years and teaching since 1999 in both the fashion and costume disciplines continues to develop Tracy’s visual perceptions and draftsmanship in depicting the figure and costume. Her belief that two dimensional drawing and rendering for clothing is a key designer skill informs her research and practice.
Teaching at various schools and privately helps Tracy to develop lessons based on the physical dexterity required for illustration. Exposure to all kinds of drawing tools and drawing styles enables her students to discover their personal expression.Teaching creativity keeps Tracy engaged and fascinated with the mercurial nature of fashion and illustration.


  • Michelina Pagliari

    "In a short period of time I feel like I gained many drawing skills and absolutely loved every minute of this class. This is what learning should be about."

Printable course flyer

Available course dates

Tuesday 06 March 2018

  • Code S350296
  • Start date 06.03.18
  • End date 10.04.18
  • Hours 18.00
  • Campus RMIT City
  • Fee $510.00
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Tue 06.03.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 13.03.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 20.03.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 27.03.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 03.04.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 10.04.18 06:00pm 09:00pm 3.00

Saturday 16 June 2018

  • Code S350296
  • Start date 16.06.18
  • End date 30.06.18
  • Hours 18.00
  • Campus RMIT Brunswick
  • Fee $510.00
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Sat 16.06.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 23.06.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 30.06.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00

Tuesday 24 July 2018

  • Code S350296
  • Start date 24.07.18
  • End date 28.08.18
  • Hours 18.00
  • Campus RMIT Brunswick
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Tue 24.07.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 31.07.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 07.08.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 14.08.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 21.08.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00
Tue 28.08.18 10:00am 09:00pm 3.00

Saturday 10 November 2018

  • Code S350296
  • Start date 10.11.18
  • End date 24.11.18
  • Hours 18.00
  • Campus RMIT Brunswick
  • Fee $510.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Sat 10.11.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 17.11.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 24.11.18 10:00am 04:30pm 6.00

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